The use of main power DJGAudio in audio

1. The radiator is electrically suspended, and the heat transfer barrier of the traditional insulating cushion is thrown away. The power crystal can quickly release the accumulated heat, and there is no temperature difference between the heat sink and the heat sink. The power crystals approach the cold air inlet with a uniform shortest distance. It can evenly load the output, and of course provides a higher confidence guarantee.
2. Improve the precise protection scheme to avoid the smashing scene caused by the damage caused by the mistake operation and the error protection. The most unique is the online load resistance detection, detection and analysis system temperature, phased progressive output, cumulative power, high frequency energy alone. Analyze the cumulative power of the high frequency output.
3, using the music being played as the detection signal source, real-time analysis of the output voltage and current, the operation results in the online load resistance value, less than 1.6 ohm instant start soft protection limit power crystal drive current, instant recovery output within 5 milliseconds after the fault disappears The protection process relay is always connected to avoid contact damage.
4. The temperature of the radiator and the transformer are simultaneously detected, and the cumulative output power is continuously adjusted in stages. The high-temperature protection process always maintains the normal output, and the sound quality changes are even difficult to detect.
5. The signal voltage of the part above 3kHz in the output signal is detected separately. When the temperature exceeds 40V, the protection system is activated within 0.5 seconds, and the output is reduced until it is lower than 40V, which reduces the damage to the treble driver under abnormal conditions during use.
6. The peak voltage detection analysis of the power supply detects the abnormal component of the power supply that is extremely destructive to the amplification circuit, and if necessary, turns off the output to protect the device.

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